Love Annie!! She's done my hair for 2 years now and every time I leave the salon it's exactly the way I wanted it! She takes her time and does an amazing job! She also does threading and did a great job as well!! Totally would recommend Annie to anyone!

Sarah Ann E.
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Come see Annie if you want fabulous hair, spunky company, and a truly personalized and professional, yet casual and fun, visit to a hair salon.

Not to mention, you can get drinks from the always-awesome Jay N Bee club right next door.

What more could you possibly ask for?

Stacey J.
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The thing I love most about Annie is that she really goes above and beyond to make sure her work is exactly what you want. She really does take care of you.

Last time I seen Annie for my hair was in July. By this time my roots were a mile long and my red was faded..my hair was dry and I was just a hot mess. I called Annie on tues, when she opened her doors and ask what her books looked like, omg she's so busy but she finally found a spot and thank God because I sure as hell am not about to go to hawaii lookin like a faded, frazzled poodle! Annie did her magic and I cannot stop touching my hair!

Gloria A.
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I went to about 10 different stylists over 5 years before finding Annie. I have thick (I mean, thick) wavy/curly hair and couldn't find anyone to tame it right! I was so skeptical of her, I analyzed and questioned every move on my first cut; she assured me she would be able to take care of me.

Turns out, Annie is a genius with thick curly hair, she turned my mangled chop into magic-wake-up-and-have-awesome-curls hair two years ago at Le Burget and I have been hooked since!

Divya P.
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I think Annie is the second longest healthy relationship I've had, other than the one with my therapist. They're both doing something right; making me feel pretty (her), and making me feel sane (him).

It took me years of going through terrible hair stylists before I finally found Annie when she was in Burlingame - then I followed her to SF - and now I am finally SO proud to see that she's opened up her own space. She is the only person I let touch my hair, with the exception of one place in Redwood City whom I will only let blow it out if I can't make it all the way up to SF. Chances are though, I'll go to SF.

Jaime L.
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